As entrepreneurs ourselves, we've been there and we understand how difficult it is to start, run and sustain a technology business in an environment with very limited opportunties for local entrepreneurs.

We're a passionate group of entrepreneurs, innovators, disruptors and visionaries committed to supporting new and established businesses in the ICT Sector.

Our goal is to stimulate a business environment where technology provides important productivity and economic benefit for PNG.

The journey of Startups - Ideation to Launching


To be the home of many start-ups and global technology companies in the region with the Vision to be the Silicon Valley of the Pacific.


Contribute to the recognition of PNG ICT Cluster as one of the most attractive and competitive ICT clusters in the Pacific.

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Strategic Focus Areas


PNG ICT Cluster is a high-tech innovation cluster. Central to it is the exchange of experiences, knowledge, contacts and ideas. It represents the excitement to create new things and improve on the status quo.

Policy Initiatives

Support relevant legislation to enable growth of the ecosystem and the Industry.

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SME Accelerator

Promote Entrepreneurial Education and Knowledge transfer.

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City Labs

Promote Incubator and Accelerator programs and Innovation hubs and Creative spaces for ICT and Digital start-ups.

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Organise events, seminars and workshops to promote Digital and ICT entrepreneurship and related innovative products and services.

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Cluster Ecosystem


A Cluster is neither a sector nor an industry. It is a geographical concentration of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, and service providers, businesses in related industries, and associated public agencies and institutions.

By their nature of being closely located, clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, and encourage innovation, and the stimulation of new business.

It is based on a triple helix innovation model, which is led by business, supported by public agencies and donors, and underpinned by academia.

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Cluster Ecosystem - Triple Helix Innovation Model

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