A Cluster is neither a sector nor an industry. It is a geographical concentration of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, and service providers, businesses in related industries, and associated public agencies and institutions.

By their nature of being closely located, clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, and encourage innovation, and the stimulation of new business.

It is based on a triple helix innovation model, which is led by business, supported by public agencies and donors, and underpinned by academia.

Cluster Ecosystem - Triple Helix Innovation Model

Clusters in the Pacific



Through the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization (PIPSO) the Regional Pilot Cluster.

Initiatives were set up in four island countries: Papua New Guinea (PNG), Vanuatu, Samoa and Tonga.

The regional initiative was funded under a 4-month pilot project through BizClim, an EU-ACP joint initiative financed under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF).

The total value of the regional project was at almost:

€1 million.


Cluster Initiatives in the Pacific


The PNG ICT cluster was initially formed in 2014 through the European Commission’s active role in encouraging the development of world-class clusters.


The key objective of the Regional Cluster project was to support business growth through the development of pilot clustering initiatives in each of the four countries.

The project building on the recommendations from the Business Value Chain Study conducted by PIPSO on improving business value chains in the Pacific region. The study highlighted the importance of enhanced business development through improved cluster business policies; legislations and policy strategies to develop industry clusters; better information sharing and networking; and improved capacities at the national level.

For PNG the pilot project was implemented in partnership with the Business Council PNG and PNG Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

ICT Cluster Establishment



Since funding ended in June 2014 after the EU pilot project, the ICT Cluster initiative has been run on a volunteer basis.

  • Founded
  • IPA Registered
  • Welcomed Patron Hon. MP Davis Steven
  • APEC 2018 Participation
  • GIST Round 01 Founding
  • Inaugural TechInnovate Event
  • GIST Round 02 Funding